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From:  The desk of Alan Clarke, 3D CAD Graphic Designer and Draftsman
Location:  Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Re:  Affordable Design and Drafting available to the man in the street

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in having top quality fabrication drawings produced either from your own outline ideas, or from architects specifications, then I would like to help you with my professional drafting service.

In a normal building environment, architects charge big money because they are trained to design things that they are fairly sure can be made using ordinary structural disciplines with standard materials.

The structural engineer then approves the overall structure and supplies the connection details (i.e. the way of attaching each part to the next).

So, the architect supplies the overall dimensions and the structural engineer provides the member sizes and supplies the approval of the spans and stresses calculations. Then the workshops are asked to tender for the materials supply and fabrication - and often also the erection and installation. Alternatively a rigger will be asked to produce a quote for the erection and installation from the architectural and structural drawings.

If they (the fabrication workshop) win the job, on their quote, then they employ me to work out what the architects want and what the structural engineers require - and I provide the fabrication drawings for the workshop to make it and install it.

Sometimes I get asked to do it all from the beginning. This usually arises when a customer walks into a workshop out of the blue, and wants a complicated thing built. The workshop bosses will normally refer them to me and I go through with the customer, understand their requirements, and interpret their ideas into a 3D CAD model and 2D structural drawings making use of the lastest software.

This allows the customer to visualise what is to be produced. It also helps to ensure accuracy and project success because I can then go on to produce clear fabrication shop drawings which can be approved by the structural engineers and made by the fabrication workshop.

I look forward to helping you with your fabrication drawings.

Kind regards

Alan Clarke produces fabrication drawings

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